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Relocation Services

Today's data centers are expected to deliver at peak performance while supporting ever increasing demands. The result is more and more companies facing overworked data centers, running out of power, cooling and space. If you're reaching these limits - or your facility simply needs to operate more efficiently, you are probably trying to figure out your next steps. Should you optimize your existing data center with new infrastructure, build out a new data center, or relocate to a co-location facility? Venicom Services can assist with which ever option is best for your company.

Many organizations successfully move data centers without external assistance. It’s not unthinkable and certainly possible for the right organization. Conversely, some companies turn to outside experts, like Venicom Services, to reduce risk and avoid overworking internal employees.

Remote Hands (Remote Management)

Within approved data centers, Venicom Services can provide your IT department with boots on ground support. Venicom Services can remove the logistical problem of supporting your data center environment at the physical level, below is a sampling of the remote hands support

24/7/365 Onsite Availability

Customizable SLA

Rack & Stack

Hardware Replacement

Shipping & Receiving

Reboot & Power Cycle

Tape Rotation & Offsite Exchange

e.g. Iron Mountain


Hardware Replacement

Technician Escort

Vendor Management

(e.g. Data Center)