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Venicom Profesional Solutions

Venicom provides a vendor and hardware neutral position to Professional Services projects. Proven technology takes the front seat in our project engagements. We provide solid technical solutions, driven by experience to deconstruct complex issues and providing feedback to simplify and create reliability. This hard earned knowledge is available to you and your IT teams so they don’t have to learn lessons the hard way and at your organizations expense. This is an integral component to our success. Wisdom, experience and knowledge is where Venicom has made it’s mark

Business Continuity and High Availability

Reducing risk and having services available for users over longer periods of time is the desire of every organization. No matter how large or small a company is, the ability to have a server or network component fail and continue to provide services to end users and customers is essential in today’s business environment. We provide custom solutions depending on situation and architecture that is in place. The one solution fits all modicum no longer rings true and configuring the right solution for your architecture is what sets us apart.

Cloud Services


Developing Solutions that Reduce Complexity. Your infrastructure can be become reliable through simple solutions. Make smart choices and drive results.


Business depends on the ability of IT to react, innovate and meet today’s geographically dispersed and mobile user demands. Expanding the reach of private infrastructure allows business to open new markets across wide geographies.


Venicom can help you simplify and build in the reliability to deliver the promise of IT. Break the cycle of continuing reinvestment in legacy architecture and take the step. We can show you how to become flexible and unlock resources that fuel innovation for the business


Shift resources to create automated infrastructures that allow you shift costs from maintenance to building innovative systems that drive new revenue, improve operations and push business goals to the forefront

Architecture and Design

Designing a solution that will align with our customers’ needs is in our roots. It started in 1998 with complex network solutions and has grown into our mature service offering of today. Design and architecture are critical points in every project. Analyzing needs and mapping them to projected growth and creating scalable environments that can built upon is the key. This is where we shine. Through process and experience we have met the test of time delivered robust to solutions to our customers that can grow organically as business needs increase. Reduce administration, centralize and reduce costs. Venicom’s architecture and design team will show you how.



Through a business-first, consultative engagement, our discovery services assess technology environments with focus on discovering current best practices, risks, analyzing performance and examining functionality. Balanced against strategic goals, our report deliverable provides an “as-is” snapshot of the current environment, the key criteria used as a benchmark, key findings, and detailed roadmap recommendations that fill the gap.



A thorough, business-driven process of discovery reveals the desired behaviors and criticality to the business for major architectural decision points. A resulting profile is then intended to represent the desired behavior of technologies in certain environments or within specific situations, and function as a guide for architecting any technology design.

A resulting profile is then intended to represent the desired behavior of technologies in certain environments or within specific situations, and function as a guide for architecting any technology design.

Our Offerings and Commitment

Our offerings reflect our commitment to serve our clients in whatever manner is needed: from strategic to tactical, from planning to delivery to support, from advisory to hands on. We are available to help organizations establish, refine, and deliver their design vision and roadmap as well as augment and support organizations who have established their vision and our working on their solutions.

Following is an overview of our Architecture and design services offerings:

Network Readiness Assessments

Business Process and SOA Alignment

Architecture Review, Planning, And Design


Program And Project Management

Personnel Skills Assessment, Transformation Planning, And Mentoring

Technology Evaluation, Selection, And Implementation

Standards & Methodologies Evaluation, Selection, And Implementation

Solutions Development And Delivery


By choosing us for your Microsoft technical support needs, you can rest assured that you are getting highly-skilled, well-trained technical consultants who can answer your questions and provide problem solving solutions for any situation. We can provide assistance with IT projects as well as ongoing help desk and support services to ensure that you can focus on managing your business rather than handling support requests.

Need help setting up Microsoft Exchange® Server or looking for MS Exchange® or MS SharePoint® hosting services? Our team manages Microsoft Exchange® e-mail servers and hosting environments on behalf of our customers daily. When it comes to Microsoft support - we’re always happy to help you.


Storage solutions are the backbone of your organization. Keeping your data safe and available is of the highest importance and Venicom’s experience in storage solutions is a key component to business success. Whether it’s your private cloud environment or a SAN expansion in your data center we have experts that can guide you to the right solutions that match your budget and meet the needs required to keep the most important asset within your organization safe and available.


Venicom provides a multitude of solutions and proven knowledge to combat the attacks meant to penetrate your environment. Implementing layers of security in your environment is an essential component to reducing risk and we can help you get that done. We provide comprehensive, integrated and simplified security solutions and services designed to protect every facet of your infrastructure bringing the best of breed to the table from Cisco, Symantec, McAfee and Microsoft to provide total solutions that you can count on.


Reduce your datacenter power footprint and reduce your costs with in-depth knowledge and expertise of both proprietary and open source virtualization technologies, including VMware and Microsoft Hyper Visor, our Virtual Server consultants objectively assess and deploy the optimal solution to fit your unique needs. Our approach is to take a holistic view of an organization's environment and to support the entire virtualization technology life cycle, from planning and assessments to design and implementation as well as ongoing management, training and support.

With years of experience optimizing, managing, securing and supporting complex, mission-critical data center environments for leading businesses, Venicom server virtualization consultants are uniquely suited to objectively assess, design, implement and support the right virtualization solution to meet your business goals and IT requirements. Venicom is a leading server consolidation consulting firm whose customers rely on us for our:

  • Proven methodology and best practices
  • Multivendor, multi-platform expertise across a wide range of data center systems, platforms and technologies
  • Extensive experience working with enterprise customers with high-availability data center needs
  • Focus on enabling the customer and committed to delivering the highest standards of service and support

  • Disaster Recovery

    Because protecting your data isn't an option - it's required if you want your business to survive when disaster strikes. It's all about business continuity. We offer a complete suite of data backup and disaster recovery solutions. Some providers focus on what to do after disaster strikes. Others build in redundancy and resiliency across their facilities and services to brace for impact. We do both with our disaster recovery solutions and data protection services. Whether caused by natural disaster, human error, or system failure a disaster can happen in any geography at any time to any organization. Reduce the chance of downtime by investing in a compliant disaster recovery strategy. Our engineers have produced thousands of multi-tiered, highly available BCDR solutions over the years. Coupled with our client management support team, you’ll see why our people and our expertise set us apart.